How balloonsRme Started

How balloonsRme Started

My first party I had in Woolwich. David was 6 years old. I made lots of Spiderman’s and we dance into Gangnam Style by Psy. As it was my first ever party I was so nervous, but after 10 min. of games I didn’t worry any longer because boys and girls had a good time too. We played animals in the balloons game. Who can draw face on the balloon? After this i decided to use SixtyMarketing a website design in Derby to built and display all of my services and previous work to my clients so they could see how much fun we have at parties!

Same day I rushed to Victoria’s 6th birthday party.

We had fun to make unique hats.

Simple pink hat

Inflate a pink balloon up to 4 fingers of the tail; twist the knot about 1 finger at the end. Take the twist and create a loop with the balloon-same as person’s head, twist onto the rest of balloon and lock it in with a few turns. Into balloon standing you can add different balloons e.g. Dogs or flowers …

At nursery we made with children AMERICAN COOKIES with M&M

To recipe go to Robbi’s M&M Cookies Kids loved it!!!

July 2013

On 20th of July I am modelling balloons at St Michaels Enfield fete from 12.30 till 3.30 p.m.

It is charity event so everyone is welcome come and see me there.

And then on 21st of July I’m in Broxbourne in Community Event. The party is from 2.30 till 5.30,if you are looking for free fun come and joy me there…

From 24th July till end of August I am going on holiday

So have nice Summer everyone, enjoy the glamour sun.