Ballooning Marvelous

Ballooning Marvelous

How did you get started in balloon twisting? Is a question that I hear almost daily, after all, it isn’t exactly a common choice for a career, it still makes me smile when I bump into someone that doesn’t know me and as we’re doing the small talk, the old ‘what do you do for a living?’ comes up. Should I try and flower it up a little? ‘I am a latex manipulation expert’ or ‘a latex animal creator’ or perhaps I could just say that I’m an artist, for that really is what I am and that is really what I know.

Ask me about ‘SEO in the UK’ and you’ll get a very blank look, ask me to create a Spiderman from balloons and hey presto, a Spiderman you shall have, hey, I can even have him carrying an animal of your choice if you so wish, because that is what I know.

Kiddie Cool

I have to be honest, I really enjoy what I do, sure, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, dressing as a clown and entertaining children, but for me, seeing the looks and the smiles from the children brings me immense satisfaction, I pity those of you that turn up to work at the same place, day in day out, staring at the same four walls, dealing with shouty bosses or rude customers, because I have none of that – every job is unique, every customer has beeming big smiles and I even get to eat cake!

The Drawback …

As you may imagine, the same with any other job, there are some drawbacks; I am forever being asked if my feet go all the way to the end of my shoes, I can’t get anyone to smell my flowers, but perhaps worst of all, and this really is a big one – whenever I travel anywhere, the doors constantly fall off my car, followed rapidly by the steering wheel and tyres – I’m left sitting in the middle of the road with just an engine and people laughing at me. I try sticking it all back together with Sellotape but end up looking like an extra from ‘The Mummy Returns’. I haven’t yet found the answer to that problem. The Fire Brigade are no use either – they just want to slop bubbles all over it.

Feel like ‘Clowning around’?

If you’d like to find out more about me and my balloon animals, book me to clown around for you, or just find out what I’m up to, then please get in touch with me or you can find me on most of the social media networks – drop me a line, get in touch, connect or follow, I am always happy to hear from new friends and despite all my car troubles, punctuality is important to me – you’ll never be left waiting – I know just how unruly and impatient children can sometimes be, especially when they are full of birthday cake and sweeties!